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At our place

If you ever wondered where the following companies have their materials printed: Agrokor, Konzum, Ledo, Zvijezda, Jamnica, Fina, Večernji list, EPH, Ina, Zagrebačka pivovara, Beiersdorf, Tvornica duhana Rovinj, Podravka, Belupo, VIPnet, Atlantic grupa, Dukat, numerous marketing agencies...

the answer is - at our place!

Who are we?

The printing shop Stega-tisak has been in business for 20 years and currently employs over 60 people. We are situated in the center of Zagreb, at Heinzelova 60 business centre.

For the past 20 years we have not only been working, but also learning diligently and adapting our manufacturing process to the highest environmental and business standards.

The certificates hanging on our office walls are:
ISO 9001 certificate ISO 14001 certificate ISO 12647 certificate ISO 9001:2008
Quality management systems
ISO 14001:2004
Environmental management
ISO 12647
ProcessStandard Offset (FOGRA)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have trouble sleeping, so I often get up and walk to my window to take some fresh air. I do not write regarding my insomnia (it would take up too much space), but I want to say that every time I open my window, be it morning, afternoon or midnight, your light is on, there are always people there and something is clearly going on. As a responsible, worried neighbor, I must ask you -

What are you doing in there?

Ljubica Jerković,
The neighbour from across
the street.

Dear Ljubica,

reading the complete list of our services would most certainly solve your insomnia. In short, we are a printing shop with a myriad of possibilities, and we print everything:

  • catalogues
  • brochures
  • magazines
  • books
  • booklets
  • calendars
  • posters
  • folders
  • POS materials
    ( wobbler, shellfliner, display, leafleat…..)

All the materials that we print are delivered to you binded, using the format and the paper type that you choose.

We hope to have at least partially answered your doubts. Should you have any further questions, contact us via

Stega tisak

How does this work?

You sent us an inquiry that automatically goes into our big computer that generates an irresistible quote especially for you.

In this moment, you are thrilled and you are immediately sending your files through, and our big computer (yes, it is big) creates an order that is sent to prepress.

While prepress team works on your order, boys and girls in production already know what's coming up, when is it due and how long it will take them to complete the task.

All this time, the finishing team has a clear picture as well, since they also see exactly what is coming up.

Due to all this, you, as the most important wheal in our process, know exactly where your order is, and when will it be delivered. Cool, isn't it?

The big computer that enables us to do this runs on custom software that we developed with EU funds from IPA2007/HR/16IPO/001-040421. Our lucky number :)

For happy printing and quick delivery repeat to yourself:

  • 1. As long as I live, I shall always use the composite PDF (press quality) CMYK + Pantone if there are any.
  • 2. Even if they torture me, I shall always embed all fonts.
  • 3. I may bleed, but the bleed on my documents has to be 3 mm on each side.
  • 4. All women are beautiful and all crop marks are 3 mm off the format.
  • 5. I shall turn on my brain and turn off the ICC profile.
  • 6. I love people regardless of their skin colour, which is why I shall turn off colour bars and similar markings except for crop marks.
  • 7. Anything goes, but black text goes only in black color.
  • 8. Life is more beautiful knowing that cutters or polish are marked as the fifth colour (any Pantone colour) in the overprint.
  • 9. I agree that one document should be in one PDF, not each page separately.
  • 10. If there is something I can share with the youth it is - Do not send facing pages spread, but rather individual pages.
  • 11. Nothing is safe, but it is much more reliable to work on a PDF document via Distiller than it is to just "save as PDF" from any other application (InDesign, Illustrator etc.).
  • 12. Don't look back into the past, unless you want to visually screen your PDF beore sending it to print.

Contact info

Tel +385 1 6197-633
Fax +385 1 6197-430
Address Heinzelova 60/1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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We can think of ourselves whatever we want - the best, the most quality, the most handsome... "the most" list can go on until tomorrow.

That is why we ask you to bring us down to Earth with your answers or perhaps confirm our opinion that we truly are the best.

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